Life in Moorehall Lodge Balbriggan

As a purpose built facility, Moorehall Lodge Balbriggan has an abundance of both indoor and outdoor space for residents to enjoy. The beautifully landscaped garden and the expansive sea views provide a tranquil outdoor retreat where residents can experience the physical and psychological benefits of being outdoors, sitting and chatting in the sunshine, watching nature, reading, walking and many other outdoor activities.

Indoor activities take place in communal rooms and resident lounges throughout the home. Different activities require different group sizes. Often, smaller groups of like-minded residents with similar interests are created to optimise participation and enjoyment.


In Moorehall Lodge Balbriggan we are committed to enhancing the quality of life for all our residents. We feel it is our vocation to ensure that residents feel valued and loved within their home. We strive to promote an optimal quality of life through a progressive approach to resident’s social care. We understand the importance of a strong social, physical and mental programme for our residents. We are committed to continually improve the services we provide and offer a range of leisure activities and external excursions, tailored around our resident’s interests and needs.

Our residents are key to our social programme. We pride ourselves on getting to know them and what they like to do. Then we can then tailor our social programme to suit their interests and tastes. Some examples of weekly activities include live music sessions, group physical movement including weekly group physio classes. We also offer music therapy, holistic therapy,  pet therapy and art workshops. Bingo, quizzes, and ‘reminiscence’ activities are also incorporated into the weekly social programme and we also host a variety of organised themed events throughout the year.


At Moorehall Lodge Balbriggan all meals are prepared fresh each day by our qualified chefs and their team.

Our residents are provided with a choice of meals daily .

Specialised  diets and special requests are catered for. All menus are created  with advise from a dietitian.

Meals are served in our dining rooms. Alternatively, residents may choose to have meals served in their rooms.

Moorehall Lodge Balbriggan